Ms. Kate

Ms. Kate (RAD RTS)

Ms. Kate has been a student of classical ballet for 19 years. She is an experienced and qualified dancer and teacher. She recognized as a young performer that she wanted most to pass on her love for dance as a teacher. She has studied advanced vocational ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance, and has a background with the Royal Conservatory of Music in piano.

Kate has completed her Certificate of Ballet Teaching Studies through the Royal Academy of Dance’s Faculty of Education and seeks to extend her teaching education through professional development courses with the Royal Academy of Dance and through outside sources, particularly in relation to inclusive arts and accommodating young artists with a variety of abilities and backgrounds. Kate holds a BA in therapeutic recreation which informs her teaching vision and practice, striving to holistically teach and care for each student as uniquely gifted, valued, and respected individuals.

Kate has been teaching students from preschool to adult for many years, and is really looking forward to another fantastic year a OSD! Kate's positive and friendly manner brings out the best in her students. Her passion and enthusiasm for sharing the art of ballet is truly inspirational.