Our Home

  • Three large fully air conditioned studios with viewing window. 
  • Sprung hardwood floor in one studio
  • Harlequin dance floors (same as Canada's National Ballet) in two studios
  • Waiting areas for parents on both the upper and lower levels 
  • Ladies and family change rooms
  • Parking on premises
  • Fully equipped kitchen 
  • Free Wifi 
  • Family friendly and welcoming atmosphere

Why Choose OSD?

Choose a school that can take your child all the way with dance. Oxford School of Dance is a Royal Academy of Dance accredited dance school established in 1971. Professional dance education is provided in a family-friendly environment. Qualified teachers, proper technique, age appropriate placements, and parent support and communication are expectations we provide to each of our dance families. Oxford School of Dance has been inspiring the love of dance for 48 years. Our qualified and experienced teaching faculty are committed to providing high quality dance education. Students are taught proper technique from the very beginning, allowing every child the opportunity to experience success. Our unique program emphasizes the development of technical skills and artistry, as well as performance and professionalism, providing all children with the best possible dance education. Starting at 2 & 3 years of age, our "Music & Movement" Program introduces children to the joy of movement, musicality, and creativity, allowing them to explore dance technique in a fun and safe environment. Oxford School of Dance has been a home to so many dancers over the past 48 years and continues to be renowned for its strong Ballet and high quality dance education. If you have a child who loves to move and dance around your home, we offer the dance instruction you need!

Our History

Judith Coleman emigrated from England to Canada with her family in 1969, moving into Thamesford in 1970. The following year, a group of parents discovered her dance and teaching background and requested that she teach their children. In the Fall of 1971, the School began what would become the Oxford School of Dance with ten children at Thamesford Public School and subsequently at St. Johns Anglican Church. Mrs. Coleman limited the growth of the School while raising her own young family and also to fulfill teaching commitments outside of the school. In 1986, Mrs. Coleman moved to Ingersoll allowing the School to expand with classes in her home on Oxford Street and at St. James Anglican Church.

In 1996, Mrs. Coleman found a more permanent home for the School at the former offices of the Ingersoll Cheese Factory on Victoria Street. Mrs. Coleman influenced many fine students over the years who have related to how the focus, sense of dedication and hard work instilled in them, helped with academic studies leading to their chosen career path. Several of Mrs. Coleman’s former students have gone on to establish dance schools for themselves. Students have danced professionally for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal and European companies. Over the many years, students have also attended professional ballet schools including the National Ballet School, Royal Winnipeg School, Quinte, Alberta Ballet School and the Banff School of Fine Arts.

Mrs Coleman passed on ownership of the school to Victoria Banman (ARAD, RAD RTS) in 2014. The school has been a home to so many dancers over the past 47 years and continues to be renowned for its strong Ballet and high quality dance instruction.

Submitted by Judith Coleman 

Code of Conduct

Please read the following standard set by Oxford School of Dance. We require all families to return a signed copy of our Code of Conduct prior to the start of the dance season.

1. For the sake of preserving the quality of every student’s experience at Oxford School of Dance and for the safety of your children, we would appreciate your observation of the following policies and rules of conduct.
Please note if any of these rules are violated, it will result in a meeting with Miss Victoria or Miss Connie in which the family in question will either be given a warning or asked to leave directly. No refunds will be given should these circumstances occur. Oxford School of Dance requires a high standard of behaviour from both their students and parents and will part ways with families unable to meet that standard.

2. There will be no screaming or running in the facility. Parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour both before and after their child’s class. Oxford School of Dance is a child friendly environment and all families must respect the space. With the exception of when the student is in dance class, it is the parent’s/caregiver’s responsibility to supervise his/her children, including siblings, at all times. Siblings who are not dancing should behave appropriately and wait quietly so as not to disturb the dance classes.

3. Children must be picked up immediately following their class, as their teacher will be teaching the next class. It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to bring them to and from class on time. Students under the age of 8 must have a parent wait with them during scheduled breaks. Students over the age of 9 are allowed to wait in the change room during the scheduled break. However, if their behaviour should become disruptive, inappropriate, or not meet the standard laid out by Oxford School of Dance in this Rules of Conduct, this privilege will no longer be granted.

4. Please remove all footwear when entering the building. Outdoor footwear is not allowed outside of the reception area. Students and parents should place their shoes on the shoe rack in order to keep the facility clean and tidy.

5. Gum is not allowed during class. All food and beverages including juices, energy drinks, or snacks are not allowed in the studios. Students may bring a small water bottle into class with them if they feel it’s necessary. No other beverages are allowed.

6. All jewelry, other than small stud earrings are forbidden in class. Please ensure these items are left safely at home. If your child should enter their class wearing jewelry, the instructor will ask them to remove it and then it can easily be forgotten or lost.

7. Oxford School of Dance has a dress code for each class. Students must adhere to the uniform requirements for every class they take. If a student should come to class wearing the wrong uniform, they will get a written letter sent home with them. Should this continue to happen, the instructor will no longer allow them into class without the appropriate dress and hair requirements. Oxford School of Dance has a dress code for a reason. Students who attend class properly dressed and groomed do much better in class!

8. Cell phones must be kept in the student’s dance bag and turned off during classes. They are absolutely forbidden in the classroom. Absolutely no exceptions will be made on this matter.

9. Parents may not cause dissension or drama between other parents or students. It is the standard of Oxford School of Dance that parents will behave respectfully and set a positive example for the students. Comparing one student to another or undermining the integrity of their dancer’s instructor will not be tolerated. Parents agree to make sure their child is in attendance at the year end Dress Rehearsal on May 23 and the year end Recital on May 24.

10. Students will have a positive attitude both in and out of the classroom. They will treat their fellow dancers with respect and understand that they are training in a team atmosphere and all dancers are to be included in all “team” engagements. They will strive to do their best and will present themselves in a positive and respectful manner. Successful dancers show consistency in their attendance, discipline in their training, and the ability to carry on through humour and fun, even when they do not get something right away. Improvement in dance is gained by consistent training practices.

11. Oxford School of Dance has the right to photograph classes/students and use these photos for educational and learning purposes, as well as for advertising such as brochures, posters, website, social media, and/or any other studio related activity.

12. Students in Ballet Gr. 1 + and Restricted Classes must attend all shows and performance. They are to be present at the Santa Claus Parade (November 23), Company Rehearsal (April 25), Retirement Home Performance (May 2), Sharing Dance Night (May 5), Picture Days (May 12,13,14), Run Through (May 15), Dress Rehearsal (May 23), and Recital (May 24). Missing a performance is unacceptable, as all the other dancers in attendance must compensate for that person’s absence. Given that the students train in a team atmosphere, it is important that each member of the team show respect to their fellow dancers by showing up and being the best they can be.

13. Tuition Payments must be paid on the 1st of each month. Payments unpaid after this date will have a $15 fee added to them every seven days the balance remains outstanding. Should tuition not be paid by the 15th of the month, that student will no longer be able to attend their regular classes.

14. Parents give permission for the instructors at Oxford School of Dance to touch their child. Dance is a physical activity and requires our teachers to place their hands on the dancers to demonstrate how steps or movements should be executed. This is important for all dance styles and will be done to best assist the dancers in each class. Dance is a physical art form and therefore, poses a possible risk of injury. In the event of an injury, parents will not hold Oxford School of Dance or its teachers responsible.

15. Students registered in Acrobatics must be additionally aware of the risk of injury. Instructors of Acro Dance will be very involved in spotting your dancer and catching them or pulling them from a lift or trick. However, should a student not take the teacher’s direction and do something they are not supposed to do while in the air, the risk of injury to both the dancer and the instructor are quite possible. Parents certify that their child is capable of understanding verbal and physical direction and will not hold Oxford School of Dance or its teachers responsible.

Our Staff

Owner & Instructor:

Ms. Victoria (ARAD, RAD RTS)

Ms. Victoria has an associates degree and teaching diploma from the Royal Academy of Dance. She has studied at Canada's National Ballet School, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, The Quinte Ballet School, and The School of American Ballet. Victoria has attained her Advanced 2 (highest level of Ballet) and studied the Solo Seal Award.

Founder & Instructor:

Ms. Coleman (RAD RTS, BATD)

Ms. Coleman founded Oxford School of Dance in 1971. The school has been successfully training dancers for 45 years. Ms.Coleman is also an RAD supervisor who is responsible for the training and certifying of new graduating RAD teachers.

Office staff

Ms. Connie

Ms. Connie has been the receptionist at Oxford School of Dance for 5 years. She is wonderfully organized and very approachable. If you have any questions regarding studio activity, Miss Connie is always available.


Ms. Heather (R.M.T., Dip F.H.P.)

Ms. Heather is a former student of Oxford School of Dance. She did her post secondary dance training at York University. Heather has over 30 years of dance training and over 15 years of teaching experience. Heather has attained her Grade 8 and Intermediate R.A.D. exams.


Ms. Kate (RAD RTS)

Ms. Kate is an accredited and experienced R.A.D. Ballet teacher. She has been a student of classical ballet for 18 years. She studied in advanced R.A.D. levels and has completed her Certificate of Ballet Teaching Studies through the R.A.D.’s Faculty of Education. Kate also has a degree from the University of Waterloo in therapeutic recreation.


Ms. Bailey (Dip Performing Arts MT)

Ms. Bailey has a Performing Arts Diploma from Randolph Academy. After graduating, she performed with the Randolph Theatre, starred in numerous musicals and plays. Bailey is a B.A.T.D. Certified Instructor in Stage, Acrobatics, and Freestyle. She is also a registered and accredited AAC3 (highest level) Acrobatic Arts instructor.


Ms. Brienna (Dip DSW)

Ms. Brienna


Ms. Chelsea

Ms. Chelsea has 10 years of experience teaching in various dance styles. She has completed her module 1 International Dance Teaching Standard course. She is also a registered and accredited Acrobatic Arts instructor. Chelsea is a graduate of the Social Work program at Lambton college.


Ms. Emma (B.A.)

Ms. Emma has spent many years in a dance studio. She trained in Jazz, Lyrical, and Acro, as well as R.A.D. Ballet up to the advanced levels. Emma has a degree in Childhood and Social Institutions from Western University.


Ms. Téa

Ms. Téa has been training at Oxford School of Dance for 12 years. She has completed all of her R.A.D. Ballet exams from Pre-Primary – Advanced Foundation and is currently training at the Advanced 1 level. Téa attended the Quinte Ballet School for two summers, dancing in the professional division with professional teachers and choreographers.


Ms. Angela (RAD, RTS)

Ms. Angela is a registered and accredited R.A.D. Ballet educator with 18 years of teaching experience. She has been training and entering students for Royal Academy of Dance Ballet exams from Pre-Primary to the Gr. 8 Award and Vocational levels. 


Ms. Rachel

Ms. Rachel has trained and danced in a variety of styles for over 15 years. She performed in musicals and local companies during her education. Rachel moved to Toronto to further her training and graduated from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in their Professional Training Program.


Spring Performances 2020

Sharing Dance Night 

The Ingersoll Theatre of Performing Arts, in partnership with Oxford School of Dance and the Oxford Manor Retirement Residence are hosting a Sharing Dance Night on Tuesday, May 5 at 6:30pm. This uplifting performance of dance will celebrate and share the art of dance with our Community!

Through sponsorship, Oxford School of Dance will select an applicant in need and pay their tuition and camp expenses so that they can attend a week of camp free of charge. We are thrilled to introduce dance to a child who might not otherwise have the opportunity. Applications may be obtained at Oxford School of Dance, 156 Victoria Street and are due by April 25, 2020. The candidate selected will be announced at the Sharing Dance Night on May 5.

The Oxford Manor Retirement Residence is sponsoring this event through refreshments! Come and see this FREE community performance and enjoy some social time and refreshments following the show. Sharing Dance Night is a FUN event for the whole family! Join us in celebrating dance by coming to watch our students share their talent, athleticism, and creativity with their community!

Oxford School of Dance has been successfully training dancers for 49 years and continues toprovide quality dance education in a family friendly environment. Classes are offered in Ballet, Jazz,Acro, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, and Hip Hop. For more information about Summer Camps or Fall Classes, visit or call 519-425-1888.

Learn more about our community sponsors!

The Ingersoll Theatre Arts Performing Arts


Phone: 519-485-3070

Oxford Manner Retirement Residence


Phone: 519-485-0350

Lilybear Dance Boutique


Phone: 519-537-8444


"Anything Goes”

Sunday, May 24, 2019 - Year End Performance

Join Oxford School of Dance for an inspiring evening of great dancing! This year end performance features all of our 2019-2012 students from ages 3-adult. We are renting out the beautiful theatre at Forest City Community Church for two amazing performances. Tickets are available for purchase in advance or at the door! Performance #1 will take place at 3:30pm and Performance #2 at 5:30pm.


"Raise the Barre”

Sunday, May 26, 2019 - Year End Performance

Join Oxford School of Dance for an inspiring evening of great dancing! This year end performance features all of our 2018-2019 students from ages 3-adult. We are renting out the beautiful theatre at Forest City Community Church for two amazing performances. Tickets are available for purchase in advance or at the door! Performance #1 will take place at 4:00pm and Performance #2 at 6:00pm.